RFP for Grant Requests for the LANL Major Subcontractors Consortium.

Any interested none for profit in the northern New Mexico region is encouraged to apply for this grant opportunity to fund education and economic development activities in northern New Mexico.

The deadline is September, 15 2013.

Please download the attached Application form as a word docx file by clicking here.


The LANL Major Subcontractors Consortium is a collaboration of Los Alamos National Laboratory major subcontractors created in 2004 to strategically align and pool resources in support of economic development, educational, and civic improvement projects in the Northern New Mexico counties of Los Alamos, Mora, San Miguel, Sandoval, Santa Fe, and Taos and the Pueblos located in these counties. The Consortium is currently accepting grant proposals for economic development and industry cluster development projects.

The deadline for grant applications is September 15, 2013.

Grants awarded no later than December 31, 2013. Future grant cycles will be dependent on the timing of the Major Subcontractors contributions to the Grant Pool.

Grant Term 12 months starting 12/1/2014 Grant Range $2,500 -­‐ $12,500

Focus Industry Cluster: The Industry Cluster Development Grants support technical service providers such as commercial kitchens, small business incubators, formalized cluster groups, cluster associations, small business technical assistance providers and micro-­‐lenders who serve Northern New Mexico (counties of Sandoval, Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Rio Arriba, Taos, San Miguel, and Mora and the Pueblos located therein).

Applicants must have

  1. a demonstrated track record of diversifying the economy in one or more of these rural counties;
  2. an implemented long term sustainability strategy; and
  3. proven & diverse community support.

Desired impacts of the Industry Cluster Development Grant include strengthening local product development and distribution, promoting use of locally produced goods in product development for sale outside the region and increasing sales for local businesses. Additional impacts desired include job creation/retention

Grant Uses:
Grant funds may be used to support organizational operations, asset purchases or direct programming which directly impacts the effectiveness of the region’s small businesses and where the impacts of the programming can be tracked by such measures as increases in small business creation, sales, profitability, and job creation.

Eligible organizations must be Nonprofit New Mexico educational institutions, IRS-­‐qualified 501 (c)(3) organizations registered under the Registry of Charitable Organizations with the New Mexico Attorney General Consumer Protection Division, government agencies, and Pueblo communities serving Los Alamos, Mora, Rio Arriba, San Miguel, Sandoval, Santa Fe, and Taos counties.

Application Review Process
We use a grant review process to assure donors and grantees that their interest will be representedthrough the Foundation’s Grant Program. Proposals are reviewed by volunteer panels broadlyrepresentative of the community. Panel members use their expertise to contribute to the overallassessment of each proposal based on the degree to which it fits the overall guidelines and priorities. The recommendations from the panels are sent to the NMCF’s Board of Directors who has the responsibilityfor final grant decisions.

Questions regarding this request for proposal should be directed to:

Eric Vasquez, eric@rdcnm.org Regional Development Corporation (505) 989‐8004 or Ben Lewinger, Director of Community Philanthropy New Mexico Community Foundation 505‐820‐6860 ext. 29 blewinger@nmcf.org

E-­‐mail original proposal and all attachments on or before September 15, 2013, to: blewinger@nmcf.org and eric@rdcnm.org, or if unable to E­‐mail, mail original proposal and all attachments to: Ben Lewinger, Director of Community Philanthropy – New Mexico Community Foundation, 502 W. Cordova Rd., Ste. 1, Santa Fe, NM 87505. No faxes will be accepted.

Please download the attached Application form as a word docx file by clicking here.